Thanksgiving fast approaches.  Bringing with it all the joy, or discomfort that our memories allow.  Gratitude for what we have, or eating all we can hold depending on one’s persuasion, define the day.  Such disparate perspectives all find their way to some moment between noon and 6:00pm-ish on this most American holiday, (unless you are Canadian, they have one too you know, different day though) when we sit down with people we love, or tolerate, or loathe to “give thanks.”

Growing up I remember seeing paintings of the pilgrims (bless their sexually repressed hearts) sharing a meal with the native Americans whose kindness and wisdom made that very moment, the very survival of the colonists possible.  I have no idea if the scenes depicted actually happened, but I do know that from the native perspective things definitely went downhill from there.  Not until the advent of reservation land casinos did that cultural nose dive take a turn.  Finally, something for which the true North Americans can be thankful.  Too little, too late?  Probably.

I usually spend Thanksgiving morning in the woods, either hiking or mountain biking, most often I make this “pilgrimage” alone.  During this holiday opportunity for reflection, I will pause to take in the majesty of this world that we are so fortunate to call home.  I am truly grateful for my one chance here on earth.  Grateful for my wonderful family, my dear friends, a roof over my head and the unlikely outcome that is me, or you and every being issuing a breath even for a moment on this planet.

On this day some will share laughter with loved ones, others will issue volatile political challenges, purposefully foisting discord on innocents who only wish to celebrate the moment.  Thanksgiving political discussions are the shit, right?  Ha!  On the other side of the relational tracks many will be alone; of those, some will be so by choice, others by unfortunate circumstance.  For the solitary, it can be a challenging day to endure without a place to find welcome.  Holidays are societally bipolar, no?

Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving I wish you peace, joy and most importantly a window in your world through which you can see with crystal clear clarity, something worth being thankful for.  

Namaste my friends.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. Over the past three or four years, Thanksgiving in my family (really my wife’s family) has taken a nosedive. Where it used to about family games, and talking (yes political, but otherwise as well) and comparing outstanding wines, it is now about football. My nephews are all of an age where they are obsessed with America’s pass-time on this American holiday. The TV is on non-stop. No games, no discussion, just slack-jawed TV watching. Throw on top of that my recent abstention from alcohol, and the day offers almost nothing. I’ve ruminated heavily on this trend over the past month or so, and I’m vowing to approach the day with a positive attitude and high hopes. Possibly it will improve this year. I hope your day is magnificent. Usually, in the morning, I go out for a run… preferably in the woods.

    1. Ha sounds like a scene from “The Blind Side.” The woods time is usually the best part of my Thanksgiving.

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