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Trust, what is it made of? Experiences, hopes, faith, thin air?  What is it that makes us trust? What causes us to lose faith in another, in humanity, in ourselves? Poor choices, misplaced hopes perhaps?  How do we find trust and keep it near as a companion to be counted on through thick and thin? Is it worthy of that status, or is distrust the more worthy companion?

Intuition may be the more important topic here. Intuition is the fulcrum against which we find leverage to raise our trust or its more skeptical fraternal twin. So then comes the question of whether we trust our intuition. In some matters, my intuition is a most faithful guide; in others, it appears to have been reading B movie horror scripts while eating Cheetos from the bag without so much as a half-hearted washing of its hands. Funny how a companion who serves so reliably in the heat of most day to day battles can take a holiday when certain seemingly ineffable subjects enter the fray.

I trust most people at a distance, but few in close proximity. My family and a handful of close friends are, to use the snowflake term, in my “trust circle.” Beyond that, my intuition seems to blur, and as yet, my optometrist has not been able to suggest a solution for this impairment. Perhaps it is the broken bits rattling around inside that make focus difficult, blurry, and unreliable. Or it’s conceivable that I have yet to fully open my eyes. Either way, once bitten, twice shy as they say. Thankfully hope, and by association, trust spring eternal. And so I wait patiently for spring.

One thought on “Trust”

  1. I’ve never really thought about it, but with me, trust needs to be earned. I’m unlikely to offer trust as a default that can be lost.

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