Tranquility. A state of consciousness defined not by a lack of drama but by the lack of attachment to it. We cannot control that which surrounds and infuses our living story. We can, however, decide how it affect us. In most cases, we can choose whether to allow monsters under the bed or show them the door. Also, in most cases, we are unaware that this choice is ours.

Bad things happen. Good things happen. Again and again, the wave rises and falls. We may be in the habit of riding to the crest then plummeting to the depth holding on for dear life. Or we may decide to let the wave roll through and past us. Holding and taking breaths in due time. Choosing stillness in the knowledge that all highs and lows eventually pass to leave there spent energy on the shores of our lifetimes.

Sitting quietly, hearing each inhale, each exhale, knowing them with the full focus of mind, shows chaos the door. This simple practice can calm thoughts that would otherwise grow into tsunami waves turning what could be a storm into gentle lapping of harmless water on the shore.

When a real storm comes no amount of mental stillness will quell its fury. However, presence of mind may allow for minimal damage in its wake. Equanimity is an elusive treasure. It is also oddly a choice, a fact that makes its rarity comical in a dark sort of way. In this big beautiful, terrible world of love and chaos, we decide, if so inclined to seek, find, and nurture the gift of personal tranquility.

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