Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice Art by John Hussey

Winter Solstice! Things will only get brighter from here🎄. Holiday music from me to you. May it bring light to your spirit and the holiday season!
Comfort and Joy to you and yours!

First Snow

First Snow Square_by John Hussey

In honor of our first light snowfall last week, this post comes in the form of an audio track, an instrumental entitled “First Snow.”  

I was walking amongst the leafless maples and oaks traversing a rolling ridge as this first snow of the season fell around me.  With the help of a steady wind, snowflakes clung first in small then in great numbers to the barren trunks and branches across the woods.  These white giants rose from a shimmering landscape as the snow began to blanket the ground, brightening the forest as I made my way.  

In a world full of complexity I find this simple meteorological phenomenon, snow, to be a gift of pure magic.  It never fails to remind me of the boundlessness of “the bigger picture.”

So this little piece of wintertime (as I hear it anyway) is my gift to all this holiday season.



Download song (mp3) here: First Snow mp3